Power Plant Technical Services

CMMS Implementation

CMMS Implementation is a vital part of any maintenance program. Keeping up-to-date records and tracking the maintenance schedules of equipment on a day-to-day basis, along with documenting all expenditures involved with the operation and maintenance is critical to the success of the facility. A CMMS is designed to keep up with the demands of today’s complicated equipment maintenance and repairs, as well as monitor any and all operations and maintenance expenses. ProEnergy divides the facility into systems and creates teams that are accountable for creating maintenance procedures. We train plant personnel on the system and implement the required PMs and PdMs as may be applicable for such systems. All of the procedures reside within the CMMS program and are managed and issued through work orders by the maintenance manager. ProEnergy’s processes are developed with consideration for the human-factor aspects of their intended use.

ProEnergy’s approach to CMMS Implementation is a three step process outlined below:

  • Gather Equipment Data
  • Identify PMs
  • Develop Maintenance Procedures

Additionally we can implement inventory management.

ProEnergy’s extensive experience in operations and maintenance of power generation facilities has given us the unique advantage of creating CMMS systems that support plant operations worldwide. Our Technical Services team has unique experience in multiple types of CMMS systems and their installations. Our team’s proven plant knowledge can guide maintenance scheduling and activities that are site-specific. We can perform site investigations and procedural development of maintenance activities based on known and proven industry standards.