Power Plant Technical Services

Plant Assessment

ProEnergy’s plant assessment team has completed due diligence and technical audits worldwide. Our team has executed audits not only for asset acquisitions but for third party O&M audits. Our team may consist of an auditing team leader, mechanical expert, electrical expert and controls expert. This team covers all technical facets of the facility. Typically, our team will meet with the client to develop specific audit requirements. The report is presented in person to the customer so that a detailed discussion can be held to ensure complete understanding of the report findings. At that time, any questions about findings or the conduct of the review can be addressed directly with the Audit Team Leader.

The following describes ProEnergy's approach to the performance of a Power Facility Plant Assessment. The audit will consist of 4 phases:

  • Audit Checklist Development
  • Audit Execution
  • Development of the Audit Report
  • Delivery of the Audit Report and Findings


  • Site Walk-downs
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • Internal Component Inspections
  • Site Personnel Interviews
  • Review of Operational History
  • Development of Future O&M and Capital Expenditures
  • Operability Design Reviews
  • Operations & Maintenance Assessment
  • Outage Readiness Assessment
  • Safety Assessment
  • Due Diligence

ProEnergy’s plant assessment team has a unique advantage of providing these types of services as ProEnergy Services operates, maintains and manages power facilities worldwide. ProEnergy has the technical support structure in-house to validate any findings within the facility, which is unique in the marketplace.