Power Plant Technical Services

Power Industry Training

ProEnergy’s Power Industry Training team consists of experts in the field who know how to effectively communicate to all levels of staff, using a combination of interactive classroom instruction, hands-on experience and site-specific training. Each instructor’s effectiveness is founded by knowledge of the subject matter, stimulating teaching techniques, positive personality, leadership skills and a professional attitude.

ProEnergy ensures that after the Power Industry Training is completed, the following training objectives are met:

  • Improved facility reliability, availability, efficiency and profitability
  • Establishment of baseline understanding in all areas of plant operations
  • Compliance with government/industry regulations, codes and standards
  • Elimination of lost time accidents and equipment damage
  • Motivation of personnel by offering a structured path to career development
  • Structured interaction so that each employee’s strengths and knowledge are maximized throughout the organization
  • Promote safe work practices to eliminate human error accidents

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Simple and Combined Cycle Plant Familiarization
  • Coal Plant Familiarization
  • Specific Gas and Steam Turbine Technology
  • Specific Balance of Plant (BOP) Equipment
  • Plant Specific Operational Training
  • Plant Specific Maintenance Training
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

ProEnergy's delivery of material is presented with the end-user in mind, through classroom, procedures and/or on-the-job format. In any case, our trainers are fully versed in each type of training delivery and concentrate on the format that provides the most value to the customer. Our customer-developed power industry training programs are renowned in the industry and focus on teaching your staff the principles of operation, maintenance and efficiency maximization.