Advanced Monitoring & Predictive Solutions (AMPS)

PROENERGY interprets data to deliver insights on improved plant availability, reliability, and profitability. Proven in both baseload and peaking applications, our AMPS service analyzes your operations across time to deliver data-driven action plans that make the best use of your resources.

 AMPS Cut Sheet  


  • Remote experts review, analyze and assist in troubleshooting
  • Leveraging extensive experience and amassed fleet knowledge
  • Performance trending to monitor and optimize heat rate and power output
  • Advanced analytics and fleet knowledge lower your total cost of ownership
  • Accelerates remote support from ProEnergy Engineering experts

Our Approach

From dual NERC-compliant remote operating centers (ROCs), we detect subtle anomalies before traditional alarms activate. Upon alert, your team receives a prescriptive advisory that covers event causation and fault diagnostics, which lets you procure repair parts and plan outages on your schedule.

Our Expertise

AMPS empowers your O&M teams with information on what issues may arise, how to prioritize activities, and when to allocate resources. We use machine learning and advanced pattern recognition technologies to create a trend analysis of your site’s load, ambient, and operational profile. Combining a global record of facility performance and failures with real-time data from your site—including turbine, pump, compressor, and generator matched with speed, bearing temperature, vibration, and load—you receive an accurate and proactive roadmap to peak efficiency.


Our Experience

‚ÄčOur prescriptive advisories provide immediate notification of anomalies, along with observations, online recommendations, and offline recommendations. Our performance reports give you a long-term view of asset performance and summarize plant operations, including key events, observed conditions, maintenance guidelines, and open cases. When exchanging information between your plant and our ROCs, we keep data protected and compliant with government and regulatory requirements.