Monitoring & Diagnostics

PROENERGY provides 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic (RM&D) support from our fully NERC compliant Remote Operating Center (ROC) in Sedalia, Missouri.

Through data collection and analysis, trends are identified for potential failures earlier in the degradation timeline, avoiding costly failures and potential collateral damage. These insights aid PROENERGY in making operation and maintenance recommendations based on the overall condition and operational trending of each specific asset.


  • Remote experts review, analyze and assist in troubleshooting
  • Leveraging extensive experience and amassed fleet knowledge
  • Performance trending to monitor and optimize heat rate and power output
  • Advanced analytics and fleet knowledge lower your total cost of ownership
  • Accelerates remote support from ProEnergy Engineering experts

Our Approach

Our Expertise

The M&D staff use expert-software-based analytical tools to sift through real time plant data, optimize plant operations and maximize plant profitability. Our Dynamic Monitoring & Diagnostics uses design curves and/or first-principle thermodynamic models (Digital Twin) to identify gaps to optimal performance, calculates the value of the loss and assists in identifying and remediating the underlying causes. Beyond dynamic monitoring, our Advanced Monitoring & Diagnostics uses advanced machinery dynamics, vibration principals and prognostic capability to provide advanced warning of potential failures.

The M&D Center is like having an engineer by your side, ensures that alarms and detected anomalies are acted upon in a timely manner and assists the O&M plant personnel with NERC and environmental monitoring and reporting. Significant deviations will be reported daily for immediate attention and PROENERGY will provide a monthly monitoring report to the Owner tracking all observed issues to closure and reporting KPIs as part of this service.

Our Experience