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7EA Conversion Saves Time and Money

ProEnergy Services was recently contracted to install six Frame 7EA DLN1.0 Dual Units in Venezuela. ProEnergy Turbine Services, a division of ProEnergy Services, assisted in the procurement of the fuel nozzle components. After determining the lead time to supply all of the required sets would not meet schedule demands, it was decided to convert the fuel nozzles removed from a gas only unit, to a dual fuel configuration.

The complete re-engineering portion of the project was performed in only three weeks. Utilizing 3D models, the parts were virtually reassembled to ensure proper fit prior to being manufactured. These models were then utilized to create detailed part drawings, facilitating the procurement of the necessary details. All fuel system components were manufactured, inspected and delivered within six weeks of the project start date. In addition, the process provided a 25% cost savings over the traditional method of replacing the parts.

“We are excited to offer the conversion of single fuel units to dual fuel,” said Marcial Trujillo, VP of ProEnergy Turbine Services. “We have been successful performing this conversion on multiple turbine types. This flexibility and cost savings will benefit our customers significantly.”

ProEnergy Services is an integrated service provider that delivers cost-effective, safe and reliable services to the global energy industry. The company has U.S. offices in Sedalia, MO; Houston, TX; and Fort Collins, CO; and international locations in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Ghana.

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