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EPS Delivers Replacement Transformers Ahead of Schedule

Energy Parts Solutions, a division of ProEnergy Services, recently designed, assembled and delivered a replacement transformer for a client, following the failure of their 75MVA, 138kV-13.8kV GSU Transformer. EPS was able to modify a transformer previously ordered for inventory to meet the client’s specific needs. Factory engineering drawings were released a month later, nearly 6 weeks ahead of the standard transformer engineering cycle. The transformer was delivered, assembled, vacuum hot oil filled and commissioned- all ahead of the client’s original energization date. Soon after, EPS was able to respond to the same client by delivering a similar sized transformer from its inventory, to replace another transformer that failed in June 2011.

“It is our mission to understand a client’s needs and deliver beyond expectations,” said Bill Mars, President of Energy Parts Solutions. “I am very proud of our team’s commitment to delivering superior quality on every project we do.”

Energy Parts Solutions is a global provider of equipment and replacement parts for all major aeroderivative and heavy industrial gas turbine technologies, as well as High Voltage equipment and services. The company has U.S. offices in Sedalia, MO; Houston, TX; Tulsa, OK and Fort Collins, CO; and international locations in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Ghana.

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