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EPS Increases Fleet of Vacuum Dehydrators

Energy Parts Solutions, a division of ProEnergy Services, recently acquired two additional self-contained vacuum dehydrators. EPS maintains a large inventory of new and surplus transformers, and the two fully equipped vacuum dehydrators will be used to remove free, emulsified, and dissolved water, particulate, and gaseous contamination from petroleum and synthetic based fluids used to cool transformers. These new units work at a processing flow rate of 1,800 gallons per hour. They are packaged in 40 foot ISO Containers with complete tooling and a 180KW generator, making the units self-sufficient for any location throughout the world.

“By maintaining clean and dry oil, the life of the transformer can be dramatically extended,” said company President Bill Mars. “This minimizes downtime and optimizes its efficiency, therefore maximizing our customers’ profitability. We will use our new units to help meet our customers’ specific oil purification needs.”

Energy Parts Solutions is a global provider of equipment and replacement parts for all major aeroderivative and heavy industrial gas turbine technologies, as well as High Voltage equipment and services. The company has U.S. offices in Sedalia, MO; Houston, TX; Tulsa, OK and Fort Collins, CO; and international locations in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Ghana.

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