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Missouri Governor Announces New Jobs at ProEnergy

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon made a trip to ProEnergy headquarters in Sedalia, Missouri on April 22 to announce an expansion and addition of new jobs. The expansion includes a 110,000 square foot service and packaging center for gas turbine engines, which will be opening in early June, and a 225,000 square foot warehouse, scheduled for completion in late 2011. In addition, construction on a new business complex is expected to begin in 2012. These expansions will bring over 300 jobs to the Sedalia community over the next three years.

According to ProEnergy CEO Jeff Canon, new employees are being hired nearly every day so there won’t be a major influx of new hires, but a more gradual build-up. Current employment for ProEnergy stands at approximately 1,000.

ProEnergy Services is an integrated service provider that delivers cost-effective, safe and reliable services to the global energy industry. The company has U.S. offices in Sedalia, MO; Houston, TX; Tulsa, OK and Fort Collins, CO; and international locations in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Brazil, Pakistan and Ghana.

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