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SEDALIA, MO (June 18, 2021) - PROENERGY announced that it was selected by Freeport Electric and successfully executed an LPT-S5B Exchange and Service Bulletin work at their location in Freeport, New York. PROENERGY’s Independent Level IV Aero Depot received the LPT on December 16th and completed the project on December 30th.
Freeport Electric serves a community of over 45,000 people with a customer base of approximately 15,000. The power plant has a rating of 68.2 MWs and operates 3 Rolls Royce GTs with a combined capacity of 18.2 MWs and 1 LM6000PC with a capacity rating of 50 MWs.
“The entire process from the time first contact to invoicing was seamless. The turnaround time was less than half of the competitors and we were up and running just in time for the local deep freeze high energy demands,” said Keith Muchnick, Freeport Electric Superintendent of Power Plants.
“Our unmatched depot turnaround time separates PROENERGY from the competition.  We understand the importance of minimizing our customer’s downtime and having their unit back in the package producing power. Our business strategy is focused around this effort. Freeport Electric’s LPT was completed in 14 days” said PROENERGY Chief Commercial Officer, Carlos Picon.
PROENERGY is responsible for the construction, management, operations, maintenance, and repair services for energy generation facilities and equipment around the world. PROENERGY has U.S. offices in Sedalia, Missouri; Houston, Texas; and international locations in a number of countries including Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico and Pakistan. More information is available on PROENERGY’s website at
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