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ProEnergy Provides Emergency LPT Module and LM6000 Repairs

SEDALIA, Mo. (May 26, 2015) – When a ProEnergy client experienced problems with the low pressure turbine (LPT) module at their power plant in Florida, ProEnergy mobilized immediately. A lease LPT module, experienced personnel and special support and disassembly tooling were on the site the next day to disassemble the damaged module and prepare it for shipment back to ProEnergy’s Aero Depot. The team also installed the ProEnergy lease LPT module and had the unit returned to operational status. Once the LPT module arrived at the state-of-the-art Depot, ProEnergy personnel worked quickly to make the necessary repair recommendations and begin the repair and overhaul process.

As ProEnergy was preparing to return the repaired unit, the same facility began experiencing debris in the oil of their second LM6000 gas turbine unit. Moving quickly, ProEnergy brought in extra specialty tooling to disassemble the necessary gas turbine components and modules and locate the source of lube oil contamination. Crews worked around the clock to make the necessary repairs, and the unit was soon returned to service. The ability to repair the unit on site enabled the plant to be restored to full availability four days ahead of the planned schedule. In addition, the crews worked in parallel on unit 1 to change out the lease LPT module with the repaired LPT module.

“Our technical specialists and crews worked a rigorous schedule through a holiday weekend to remove the damaged LPT module and install the lease unit,” said Bob Bosse, Vice President of Aero Depot Solutions. “Then, when new issues arose, we were able to do the necessary repairs in the field. Having the right inventory, expert repair capabilities in the shop and the field, along with the right personnel helped us save our client time and money. It’s truly what sets us apart. Our team is always willing to do whatever it takes to get our clients back up and running in the least amount of time possible.”

ProEnergy is responsible for the construction, management, operations, maintenance, and repair services for energy generation facilities and equipment around the world. ProEnergy has U.S. offices in Sedalia, Missouri; Houston, Texas; and Fort Collins, Colorado; and international locations in a number of countries including Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Angola. More information is available on ProEnergy’s website at
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