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Rockland Capital Partners with ProEnergy

ProEnergy announced that it has been selected to continue the operations and maintenance of two power plants recently purchased by Main Line Generation, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rockland Power Partners II, LP. The O&M contracts for these natural gas plants in Elgin and Gibson City, Illinois came up for review after their sale by Ameren Corporation. Under these contracts, ProEnergy will continue to provide the Elgin and Gibson City plants with site management, planning, scheduling, and maintenance services.

The Elgin Energy Center, in Elgin, Illinois, is a 460 megawatt simple cycle facility powered by four Siemens Westinghouse W501D5A natural gas combustion turbine engines. Gibson City Energy Center, in Gibson City, Illinois, is a 234 megawatt simple cycle facility powered by two W501D5A combustion turbines.

“ProEnergy has had a long and mutually successful partnership with Ameren Energy over the years, in operating a number of their facilities including the Elgin and Gibson Energy Center power plants,” said ProEnergy CEO, Jeff Canon. “We are honored that Rockland Capital has recognized our commitment and track record of quality, safety and performance, and has selected ProEnergy to continue the successful operations of both the Elgin and Gibson City Energy Center facilities.”

ProEnergy is responsible for the construction, management, operations, maintenance, and repair services for energy generation facilities and equipment around the world. The Company’s extensive capabilities and commitment to quality and safety has led to its expansive growth. ProEnergy has U.S. offices in Sedalia, Missouri; Houston, Texas; and Fort Collins, Colorado; and international locations in a number of countries including Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Pakistan and Angola.

Rockland Capital, a private equity firm founded in 2003, is focused on the acquisition, optimization and development of companies and projects in the North American power sector. The firm manages Rockland Power Partners II, Rockland Power Partners and Rockland Capital Energy Investments.

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